At Affinity Wholesale, we sometimes have people asking us, “what is monkey pod wood?” Monkey pod wood is from the Monkey Pod tree (botanical name: Albizia Saman), which is a large tropical rain forest tree that can grow more than 30m (100ft) tall.

Monkey pod wood is also known as saur wood, the rain tree wood and by a few English-speaking people as Acacia, although this is somewhat misleading as the monkey pod tree is not a true acacia at all. In Thailand, it is called Cham Cha and in Indonesia, it is called saur.

Monkey Pod trees originated in South America and are now planted and naturalized in many tropical regions of the world, mainly as a managed sustainable plantation tree, invaluable for its hardwood.

Monkey pod is also grown as an aesthetically pleasing park or roadside tree. Monkey Pod wood is believed to be named after monkeys that gather below its tree canopy to eat the nourishing seed pods. The pulp inside is sweet and edible! Children also love eating the liquorice-flavoured fruit inside the seed pods of the monkey pod tree. It’s sometimes known as the liquorice tree in the Caribbean Islands! The pulp can also be made into a lemonade type beverage. The tree has an extensive and very large canopy and is a true natural beauty to see.

Monkey Pod hardwood furniture is from the Monkey pod Tree
Monkey Pod hardwood furniture is made from the Monkey pod Tree

Sustainable Hardwood From Monkey Pod Trees

Monkey pod trees are fast-growing, about 1.5 m a year up to about 24 m tall and have a canopy that often reaches 30 m but can sometimes grow as large as 60 m in suitable conditions, reaching maturity in 20 years or so.

Because the Monkey Pod tree grows so quickly it makes it an ideal and sustainable hardwood to plant for successive cropping, which is perfect for furniture craftspeople, architects and interior designers that are Eco Earth aware.

Our Vision- Encourage The world to use Quality and Sustainable Wood

As an environmentally responsible importer and wholesaler based in Ireland, we always make sure to take extra steps so that the Monkey Pod wood used in our furniture and other wood products are as eco-friendly as possible, thus we only source wood responsibly.

We always seek out the lowest carbon footprint method of transportation to Europe, never ever using airfreight. Each and every piece of monkey pod wood we use is sourced from specialised and monitored tree plantation farms. This ensures that each and every piece of wood is harvested sustainably. Most of our monkey pod wood is sourced from Thailand, the rest from Indonesia plantations. Monkey Pod trees are not in danger of extinction. It is not a tree that is listed on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

The Monkey Pod tree is also, what is known as a nitrogen fixer to agriculturists, adding valuable natural plant food nitrogen to the surrounding soil through its extensive root system, making the surrounding grass and plants greener and healthier. After heavy flowering, the flower stamens often drop, rain-like, to the ground below.

Monkey Pod Hardwood Furniture

Monkey pod wood has fantastic durability and character. The hardwood’s grain texture is typically characterised as straight grain. The presence of any knots and forks in the wood, will, however, change the grain into a wild mix of straight and swirly grain patterns, creating a wonderful and beautiful uniqueness to each and every piece of hand-carved wood.

No two pieces of furniture will ever be alike, each one being individually unique, just like the tree from where the wood is from!

Spiral Table Stool Monkey Pod Furniture
Spiral Table Stool, Monkey Pod Wood

A beautiful wood hand made into furniture that will last a lifetime with minimal compromise to the environment.

Monkey pod wood is rated as moderately durable to very durable regarding decay resistance, and it is resistant to most insect attacks and mould. A beautiful wood that will last a lifetime with minimal compromise to the environment.

The Janka Hardness rating for Monkey Pod wood is measured to be 408.23kg (900 lb) of force (4,010 Newtons). Its density comes in at 608.701608 kg / m3 (38 lb) per (cubic foot), which translates as very hard and durable for wooden furniture and carvings.

The knots and natural grain splits help to make all the difference with monkey pod wood furniture and wood carvings. These create very unique and interesting patterns that make the furniture a talking point for any room!

“So choose to keep your focus on that which is truly magnificent, beautiful, uplifting and joyful to your soul”

Welcome to monkey pod furniture from Affinity Wholesale!

Artistically Inspired, Feel the Quality

The talented craftspeople that work with Affinity Wholesale hand carve the monkey pod wood into large slab tables, dining tables, coffee tables, side tables, chairs, benches and twisted stools. As well as decorative carvings, figurines, art decor, bowls, spoons, and many other kitchen utensils. You can find these for sale in the relevant categories on our product pages.

Live Edge Hardwood Tables

Unlike most solid wood tables, which are crafted from planked wood, a monkey pod table is a cut slab of wood from its inception, having been cut as a whole piece from the tree, from bark to bark. You can literally see, touch and feel connected with the genesis of the wood.

Distinct Individual Patterns

This method of cutting each slab retains an individual shape due to the tree’s own natural shape, formed over its lifetime. Some cut slabs have very gentle undulating curves in their live edges, some curve more to the left and right, creating that distinct individual pattern that is so sought after.

A good handcrafted Monkey pod wood table is what is called one of a kind, custom live edge table.

monkey pod slab table
Monkey Pod Slab Live Edge Table

Natural And Handmade Solid Wood Furniture

All of Affinity Wholesale products are natural and handmade. The hardwood like all wood is still “alive”. It will change some over time based on your climate, and whether you place the piece in direct sunlight, or by heating or cooling sources, like in front of an air vent. Small cracks may appear but this is normal and will stop occurring over time.

Beautiful in Its Simplicity

As every piece of wood is hand carved from an entirely natural product, no two pieces will ever be the same unlike mass-produced veneered or laminated furniture.

Some variations which you may see are considered part of the uniqueness and charm of the furniture. There will be some variations in colour and texture, this is mainly due to the underlying natural wood tones which add to the unique, one-of-a-kind and functional work of art furniture.

Differences in Wood Grain Appearance

As the tree grows, the older sections develop thicker, clearer grain patterns. Your piece of furniture may display contrasts of these markings. The sapwood is more narrow and white to light cinnamon in colour. The heartwood is straight or cross-grained with a medium to coarse texture. This is the natural effect created during the tree maturing process.

Monkey Pod Wood Furniture Features

Presence of sapwood – common to most timbers, sapwood and random pigmentation are natural markings in real solid wood furniture.
Knotting – this is known as the fingerprint of natural wood. These vary in size and occur frequently in natural wood products.
Pin markings are also a distinguishing feature of handmade wood carving. These will appear irregularly wherever the craftspeople required additional bonding and structural support.
Fillers – some products may contain wood fillers where minor natural cracks have occurred during the wood seasoning process.

  • One of a kind furniture
  • Eco Friendly Sustainable Wood
  • Range of natural colours
  • Solid and Durable Hardwood
  • Hand Selected and Designed

Monkey Pod wood Furniture Care

Try to avoid direct sunlight, above-average temperatures or extreme changes in temperature. Central heating and underfloor heating can dry out the atmosphere which can cause wood movement. As can direct heat in front of a wood burner or radiator.

As with all real wood furniture take care when placing any furniture or art decor directly on a light-coloured carpet as some colour can transfer from the wood. We recommend the use of felt pads under the wood. Please protect the surfaces from hot items, like drinks with coasters and mats. Wipe down periodically with a slightly damp or dry dust cloth.

Wholesale Monkey Wood table furniture care
Monkey Pod Wood Table

” Wood is universally beautiful to man. It is the most humanly intimate of all materials. ”

Frank Lloyd Wright

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