100% Powered by Certified Green Renewable Energy Sources

Websites hosted in data centres consume a great amount of energy to power servers and data centre for providing 24/7 services. Other related facilities such as cooling controls and enhanced security setups also require a lot of electricity. Such a great amount of energy usage has a negative impact on the environment. Green websites, as the name implied, is the website solution powered by environmental friendly resources such as renewable energy.

We use 100% green energy in our data centres and global cloud distribution network for our website. The website design itself has been created in Ireland with 100% green energy use by our design team.

Renewable energy is generated through natural resources. It is naturally ‘re-usable. Hydroelectricity and wind power are often the most common natural resources.

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All of the website investment decisions made at Affinity Wholesale have been based on energy efficiency. Power usage of all the hardware and network components have been determined by in-house measurement and used as a fundamental criterion in the selection of server components.

Affinity Wholesale wishes to use these measures to promote energy-efficient use of the Internet. The associated costs will be met in full by Affinity Wholesale and not passed on to customers. Choose a cleaner future together with Affinity Wholesale!

One day the Internet will run entirely on renewable energy.

Taking responsibility for the environment means there is an increasing need to obtain energy from renewable sources. Affinity Wholesale website uses energy from renewable sources to power our servers in all of our data centres based in Europe and cloud internet distribution across the world. One day the Internet will run entirely on renewable energy. You can check if we use green energy here: https://www.thegreenwebfoundation.org

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Affjinty Wholesale Supports The Green Web Foundation
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Why care about going green?

Why should you care about supporting businesses that use renewable electricity? You may think, what difference does it really make?

It’s a sobering fact that the generation of electricity and its resultant greenhouse gases and carbon emissions is the single most contributing factor to industrial pollution in the world. Acid rain, soot, smog, mercury, and particulate matter (among other pollutants) are serious detriments to our health – as a people and a planet.

Whether you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, website owner, or blogger, you’re also a consumer of energy and energy products and services. Every kilowatt-hour of power that you use, including running our website, has an effect on the rest of the world.

Why did we do it?

Simply put, we did it because of our commitment and responsibility to the environment. Ultimately, we wanted to be the green leader in a website that not only distributes wholesale fair trade and sustainably sourced products but also our server and the data centre where our servers are located. The servers and equipment we use here at Affinity Wholesale run 24 hours per day and consume a great deal of electricity.

Why should we burden the world just because we require that electricity to power our servers? If we need electricity for our operation, let’s buy it from clean energy sources and contribute positively to our environment.

We can all do our part to help reduce pollution – and Affinity Wholesale wants you to be a part of it.