Find about the wonderful world of mango wood, what it is and the ethical mango wood crafts and furniture that Affinity Wholesale use the wood for. Mango Wood comes from yes, you guessed it the tropical Mango tree (Botanical name: Mangifera indica), which belongs to the same plant family as Pistachio and Cashew trees.

The tree is evergreen, meaning it has foliage that remains green and on the tree through more than one growing season. Mango trees usually reach an average height of between 15 and 18 metres (50ft and 60ft). Fruit is produced on the tree, a sweet, fleshy fruit known as a Mango, often found in shops.

Mango crafts and furniture made from a mango tree
Our Ethical wooden Mango Crafts and Furniture Are Made From Mango Trees

Mango trees are originally native to Southeast Asia, particularly India and Myanmar. Mango wood is now found in many tropical regions in Southeast Asia, the Pacific (such as Hawaii), the Philippines, Brazil, and Africa. The origin of the domesticated Mango tree can be traced all the way back to ancient India, at least four thousand years ago, where it was grown for its fruit and wood.

Various parts of Mango trees (including their fruit) are today used in alternative medicine for various remedies. Bark and unripe fruits have all been proven to have antibiotic properties, which can be absorbed by our body without any special processing and preparation.

Affinity Wholesale mango wood is 100% sourced from ethical and sustainable farmed sources, mainly from Thailand, but also from Indonesia and India. It is not a tree that is listed on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

Mango Wood is Wood From a Mango tree, not From Forests

The mango wood Affinity Wholesale uses in our handcrafted furniture are grown on small family unit farms.

Mango trees grow fairly fast, on average 10-15 years to reach full productivity. When they get older and taller, it can become more difficult to harvest fruit and they can become less productive fruit-wise. Once this happens, the trees are cut and new ones planted so that the Mango farmers can continue producing more fruit. This ensures that there is a sustainable source of Mango wood, as not only do the trees grow quickly and can be easily replaced but the tree would be cut down regardless.

Once a Mango tree is felled, another one is planted and will mature within 15 years. An analogy to oak trees is these take around 75 years to reach full maturity. This means that creating furniture and decor from Mango wood can help to decrease deforestation of other endangered tree species like oak and is often considered a more sustainable hardwood option for the buyer.

We Believe in the Timeless Beauty of Real Mango Wood

Affinity Wholesale Mango wood is hand-carved by artisans, not mass factory produced. Mango Wood art decor and furniture are solid and functional as well as beautiful, with refined aesthetics resulting in a physical attractiveness that creates allure and enchantment in any home.

Mango Wood is Truly a Cut Above the Rest

You will find mango wood shaped into all types of furniture as well as smaller items, like wooden bowls, wooden trays, candle holders, kitchen utensils, lampshade bases, ornate Photo Frames, ethnic Tea light holders, ornate wooden boxes and chests of all shapes and sizes and wooden chic letters to name just some. All of the craftspeople producing these wooden crafts and furniture follow ancient techniques to produce the natural hand-finished effects to make every item truly unique.

Your home should be a story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love.

Mango wood is categorised as hardwood, due to its densely packed grain. The Janka Hardness rating is 1,070 lbf (4,780 N), which means it is a strong and durable wood, making it perfect for furniture and art decor. Due to the density of the wood, it doesn’t wear out easily and can keep its radiant texture for many years. It has a strength comparable to Ash and Oak. It doesn’t wear out quickly and ages beautifully, giving you peace of mind that all the mango wood from Affinity Wholesale will last for decades.

Advantages of Affinity Wholesale Mango Wood

  • Ethically and responsibly sourced mango wood
  • Mango wood is highly sustainable due to its cultivation as a fruit tree
  • Mango Wood is Eco-Friendly
  • Mango wood is a strong and durable hardwood
  • Low maintenance
  • Mango wood is waterproof, which increases its reliability and durability
  • Aesthetically beautiful: Due to the distinctive texture and patterns, as well as beautiful wood grain
  • Many of its core and visual characteristics are similar to the popular but more expensive teak wood

Discover Affinity Wholesale Mango wood furniture, kitchen utensils and home decor. Magical, meaningful Mango wood items you can’t find anywhere else.

Large Mango Wood Bowl
Wooden Bowl Made From Mango Wood

What colour is Mango Wood?

The natural colour of Mango Wood is usually golden brown, although there are also variations that have a more yellow tint, or feature black or pink streaks across its surface. The wood is often beautifully discoloured due to ‘spalting’, where wood can change different colours as a result of fungus when the tree is growing. Spalted Mango wood contains streaks of colour, ranging from light beige to black, and is a look that is highly sought after by craft artisans.

Mango wood light grain close up
Light Grain Mango Wood
Close up of mango wood darker grain
Darker Grain Mango Wood
Mango wood grain close up mottled
Mottled Grain Mango Wood

Tips on Maintaining Mango Wood

Just like with other real wood furniture, it’s important to maintain Mango wood so it will last a lifetime and keep on looking beautiful for years to come.

As a recommendation for most natural solid wood, including for the care of mango hardwood furniture and decor, it is recommended to clean the wood with a damp cloth. However, it should not come into contact with running water, otherwise, it can swell and form stains. So that you can enjoy your mango wood product for a long time, you can use special care products such as natural waxes or oils to seal the surface and maintain the colour fastness.

Avoid exposing the wood to alcohol, deodorants, perfumes, nail varnishes and similar liquids. If spillage occurs, wipe immediately with a dry cloth. Do not use detergents or any cleaning products that contain ammonia. These will take moisture out of the wood and wear down the finish much faster. Avoid polish or cleaning products containing silicone, as these will also dry out natural wood over time. Alcohol such as red wine may also stain the wood.

Also, in an ideal situation, it is a good recommendation to occasionally rotate your mango wood pieces to expose all angles to an equal amount of air and light.

Place your furniture carefully so that it’s not in contact with direct sunlight if possible (this can cause fading and, in some cases, cracking).
Do not place furniture right next to fireplaces or radiators as this could cause warping.
We recommend using placemats and coasters when resting hot drinks or dishes on the furniture.

Mango Wood Furniture and Decor Crafts Handmade by Artisans

Our wood furniture and decor collections go back to the essence of what we believe is good design: pieces full of character, made from quality natural materials that naturally age beautifully.

Sign up for an account at Affinity Wholesale and discover all of our wholesale Wood Collections and more on our product pages today.

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