All Affinity Wholesale gifts, furniture, decor and beauty products have Ethics orientated Sustainability Criteria in terms of Fair Trade, Eco Friendly, sustainability, origin and responsibly sourced. Our sustainability criteria provide information about the background of each and every wholesale product.

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  • Production and manufacturing method.
  • The material origin.
  • Working conditions of the craftspeople who make the items.
  • Social compatibility.
  • Environmental protection and resource conservation.
  • Whether the item is cruelty free vegan or vegetarian.

Sustainability Criteria

At Affinity Wholesale we do our best to give as much transparency and certainty in respect of the wholesale items offered on our website. Everything on the Affinity Wholesale website must at the minimum belong to two categories. Most products belong to more than two Sustainability Criteria categories.

In general, all the items offered by Affinity Wholesale espouse ethical, environmental and social aspects.

The Sustainability Criteria is compiled to the best of Affinity Wholesale’s knowledge and belief ethics. We are always open to suggestions and welcome any constructive comments.

Sustainability Criteria Index

Click on any symbol for an explanation of each Criteria category.

. Handmade product icon 150x150 1 Handmade – Made by hand, no mass production. Products of small workshops.

. Vegan icon 150x150 1 Vegan – No ingredients of animal origin.

Recycling Upcycling icon 150x150 1 Recycled – This is made from recycled materials.

Fair trade and socialicon 150x150 1 Fair Trade – Fair prices are paid to the producers.

Energy and resource efficient icon 150x150 1 Energy and Resource Efficient – Methods used to save energy and resources.

Pollution reduction icon 150x150 1 Reduction of pollutants – Use of environmentally friendly materials and raw materials.

Sustainable icon 150x150 1 Sustainable – Avoidance of the depletion of natural resources.

Eco Friendly icon 150x150 1 Eco Friendly – Made by environmentally friendly methods..

Hand carved icon 150x150 1 Hand Carved – Shaped by a person using tools, and not made by a machine.

Durable icon 150x150 1 Durability – Products that are made from strong materials and are long-lasting.

Vegetarian icon 150x150 1 Vegetarian – Derivatives of animal origin but do not contain meat or any other slaughter products.

Upcycled materials icon 150x150 1 Upcycled – Creative reuse of discarded materials to increase artistic value or environmental value.