The criteria of “recycled” are particularly important to Affinity Wholesale. By using recycled materials the volume of waste is reduced, resources are saved, the value of raw materials is preserved and the product material life cycle is extended. By recycling, we help to avoid a throw-away society attitude.

Recycling Upcycling icon 150x150 1 Recycling instead of throwing away. Use of reclaimed materials used for new products

Affinity Wholesale

The environment is always one of the main driving forces of our business. Every decision we make has potential environmental implications in the long run. We’re committed to bringing you a great range of environmentally friendly products.

For everyone who believes in a Minimal Waste Lifestyle, Affinity Wholesale stocks a great selection of handcrafted furniture and gifts made from reclaimed materials, the very best in unique recycled items. Buy consciously with our wide range of thoughtful, ethical and eco-friendly recycled gifts and handicrafts.

Recycled Gifts made from reclaimed or repurposed materials by and for people passionate about protecting the earth.


Recycled means that products are collected, sorted and separated into their components. Useful materials are then reclaimed. This results in raw materials, which can then be used for the manufacture of other products. The volume of waste is reduced and the lifetime of raw materials is extended.

Recycling is indicated by the recycling symbol.

By recycling, resources are brought in use again into the value chain. For a new generation of products less new raw materials are needed. This saves resources and reduces energy consumption.

Zero-waste to recycled materials

Recycling is a way of life. It’s something everyone can do and be excited about. By taking an active role in minimizing waste, we all can help to contribute to a greener future. Affinity Wholesale believes small and consistent acts of mindfulness make an enormous difference.

Conscious gifts and furniture for those who prioritise sustainability. Thoughtfully designed and responsibly made from recycled materials, all wrapped up and delivered in our packaging which is 100% recycled or recyclable.

Affinity Wholesale featuring an amazing collection of recycled products, perfect to promote a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle! Handmade by artisans.

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