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Starting a business with limited capital investment seems like an impractical and daunting task, although it’s not at all impossible with the right mindset. Running, growing and scaling up a business will require some capital in the long run all that being said. However, I include some handy tips and help to get you going in the right direction enabling you to embark on this path to start your dream business.

“It’s never too late to start heading in the right direction”

(but it certainly helps if you start on the right course!)

Take It Easy

Don’t try to rush progress. Remember a step forward, no matter how small, is a step in the right direction. It is better to take many small steps in the right direction than to make a giant leap forward only to stumble backward.

Starting A business from home with no money Ireland

Starting your own business from home, the easy way

The How And Why Of Selling Artisan Crafts

OK, back to the how and why of selling artisan crafts and furniture, there seems to be a great information gap in how and where to buy real wood furniture and crafted art for most people here in Ireland despite the advances of the internet and the information age. Not only do people want items that stand up against time, but they also want something that looks and feels unique, is durably solid, and has a high degree of artistic individuality to it. This is where I shamelessly plug Affinity Wholesale entire stock for you to choose from.

Shop retailers, eCommerce websites, interior designers and anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit about them: This is your call-to-action. Your potential customers are hungry for information. Now it’s up to you to provide it.

You’ve maybe heard of a term called “fast fashion,” which refers to cheaply produced goods that are ultimately made to break after a few wears and tears and sold at a very low price. Manufacturers save money by producing cheap goods, and they make more money because buyers have to keep purchasing new goods from them to replace the pieces that wear out.

“Fast furniture” is another one of those buzzwords, and it refers to cheap furniture made by the likes of IKEA, Argos, DFS, discount store and suchlike. While it’s true IKEA did break the mould many years ago in Ireland by producing and importing furniture that was different from the norm or at least what you could find in other shops here.

Great I hear you; they are affordable and with just the right touch of difference to make them worth buying. Well as the many years have passed us by, they still sell similar ‘fast fashion’ items but have since (actually many years ago) outsourced all their suppliers to cheaper producing ones that just do not last and now look, feel and are cheaply mass-produced.

A Different Kind Of Wholesaler Supplying Ireland And The Rest Of Europe

Hmm, I hear you say what’s this got to do with this article? Affinity Wholesale supply to the trade genuinely handcrafted and uniquely made items that are not mass-produced nor made from cheaper toxic ‘filler’ materials like MDF and harmful plastics. This as any reseller of Affinity Wholesales item should be highlighted in any of your sales promotions you run without exception.

The general public, are increasingly and, in my opinion, rightly so moving towards a more sustainably sourced, fairly traded and ethically produced vision- so let’s help that vision to be more realisable right now and fully focus it.

“When do we want it? We Want It Now!”

Dropshp from home the easy way with AFFINITY WHOLESALE IRISH BUSINESS

Dropship from home in Ireland

Build Up Your Business The Better Way

Building a successful ethical and fair traded furniture and handcrafted art business demands more than just reselling beautiful products. Most buyers for instance see furniture as a long-term relationship, funny enough longer than some other types of relationships, which means your products need to be in front of the right people at the right time and they need to make a positive, lasting impression. That doesn’t happen by accident.

A good furniture and art decor marketing strategy is your blueprint to making potential customers. Think of your image or your brand to put it old fashionably when ready to commit.

Keep reading to learn some more of the key elements of a good ethical artisan furniture and art decor marketing strategy and the steps you can take to put your ‘brand’ in the minds and hearts of your ideal customers.

Why Having A Good Furniture and Art Decor Marketing Strategy Is Important

As touched upon previously the furniture and art décor market is evolving as demographics shift and consumers buying habits change. No furniture or art decor seller can afford to have a poor marketing strategy. Having great products and tip-top service isn’t enough to compete nowadays, there is far more competition for the high street shops than there ever used to be. You need to be ‘top of mind’ at the right time and provide an excellent buying experience that compels shoppers to complete the sale.

Having a comprehensive strategy for your artisan furniture and art décor business will help you determine who your ideal customers are, how to provide the experiences they desire, how to cultivate relationships that lead to long-term customer engagement, and how to do all of the above while still managing all of your other business roles like invoices, reordering and so on.

How to Build Your Furniture and Art Décor Marketing Strategy

Developing an effective marketing strategy does require some time and effort, but it does not have to be an overly complicated affair. This guide will show you step-by-step how to build a marketing strategy that will help you to increase your sales. If you value your time and money your business is most certainly worth it.

Understand Who is Buying Your products and Meet Them Where They Are

How you market to your customers depends on who your customers are. Even though you might want to happily sell to anyone, the fact is that some people will just love your products more than others. You’ll sell more if you can actively identify who those people are, while still reaching out and sowing new ground so to say.
Once you know who your main target audience is, there are various ways to reach them both in today’s modern world and the world of yesterday. Traditional paid advertising methods like television, radio, and print advertising can still be effective ways to advertise. Take advantage of these outlets to put your name or brand in the minds of potential buyers as well as to reach shoppers who haven’t yet gone fully digital.

Think again about who your ideal customers are. Use these characteristics to identify regional or national outlets or any tools for paid advertising opportunities. Create advertisements that speak directly to your audience and develop a positive connection between what they want and what you can offer. Be quite selective here, you’ll want to save most of your budget for online opportunities, but it’s worthwhile to at least consider making a small investment in this area.

Online Marketing

For online audiences and using your research you’ve done so far; determine which social platforms your target customers use. You want to reach your customers where they already spend time, not where you prefer to spend your time.

If your target market includes millennials (born between about 1981 and 1996), Instagram is maybe where you’ll find them. If your audience is older (don’t kid yourself you are young because you are a Facebook user), you’re more likely to find them on Facebook, a common mistake for businesses in Ireland is to think everyone uses Facebook so that’s where you only advertise or add product promoting posts to- how wrong and opportunity lacking this is! People who are passionate about creative ideas may spend their time on Pinterest. People who use none of these may just read online marketplace advertising platforms available in Ireland like eBay, amazon, donedeal, adverts etc.

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Maximise Social Media Audience Attention

On social media platforms try and post likeable images and shareable videos that are relevant to your products. Social media marketing is all about building a relationship between your business and people who share and relate to your values. Your goal here is to engage, not sell (the selling eventually takes care of itself if engagement is done right).

Aim to cultivate a social media following of people who love artisan furniture and arty décor the way you do or at least how you promote your business ideals. When customers identify with your business, your furniture and decor are more likely to be ‘top of mind’ when they’re ready to redecorate the living room or furnish the children’s bedroom—thus you end up turning all of those followers into customers freely rather than just paying for social media advertising and helping Facebook executives live in their splendour in sunny California.

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