The criteria of “handmade” are important to Affinity Wholesale with supplying wholesale B2B because we want to support and encourage all the Talented Creators who are actively involved in the areas of design, craft and art. Where each and every handmade item is uniquely exquisite.

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A handicraft, sometimes more precisely expressed as artisanal handicraft or handmade, is any of a wide variety of products that Affinity Wholesale supply. Something that’s handmade is something that was not made by a machine but formed, built, or constructed by an actual real person.

This is about all those products that are hand made either at home or in small scale workshops. It can be either unique one-off items or small-scale production.

Every piece is unique, different, special, and waiting for someone to discover it!

Artisan Handmade products from Affinity Wholesale

Artisan Handmade Products From Affinity Wholesale

Handmade Is A Speciality of Affinity Wholesale

Discover a selection for the very best in unique and quality handmade items, including bespoke wood carvings and furniture. Hand created products are made to the highest quality because the maker understands the value of each piece.

  • Wood Carvings– Wooden figurines and statues are intricately made and carved out of hardwood by artisans.
  • Furniture– Our furniture is skillfully handcrafted out of strong durable hardwood.
  • Wood Panels– Artisan made carved wood panels and wall plaque art individually crafted.
  • Wooden Bowls and Trays– Made using hand tools.

  • Soaps and Shampoo– All made by hand, 100% natural and none are factory produced.
  • Beauty and Cosmetics– Natural and chemical free, all handcrafted.

  • Windchimes, Dream Catchers and Sun Catchers– Each carefully handcrafted out of natural materials.

  • Cushion Covers– Beautifully Made by hand.
  • Scarves– Hand woven.

  • Incense– Hand rolled to aromatic perfection.
  • Incense Holders– Made by hand from various natural materials.

Handmade Characteristics

Handmade products are characterised by quality and high value. In contrast to factory manufactured products in mass production, it is about quality, not quantity.

The criteria of “hand made” in wholesale B2B explicitly includes also those products which are made in sheltered workshops.

While sometimes it may seem that handicrafts are dying out if you walk into an average shop, as a consequence of globalisation and technological development, in a world where shops, shopping centres and e-commerce websites offer the same things everywhere: the same decor, the same furniture, the same gifts, in a well-defined niche, a Renaissance of hand made crafts are taking place.

Most of the interest and enquiries we have are about our handmade products.

Besides being natural and beautiful, these are soulful and meaningful with an incredible increase of people nowadays shopping for these types of artisanal crafted products.

Handicrafts have their roots in the rural crafts going back to ancient civilizations. It comprises centuries-old traditions with creative techniques passed down from one generation to the other, gathering people who have a unique talent and passion for handmade work. Collective terms for handicrafts include artisanry, crafting, and handcrafting. The term arts and crafts are also applied, especially in Europe.

In many regions of the world, handicrafts are one of the most accessible sources of income, especially for women and their families. However, it can be extremely difficult to make a decent income from selling handicrafts. As a responsible wholesaler, we believe in Fair Trade for all handmade products, that is a fair price we pay for these individually made items to the people making them.

Whatever you have to have, try to have something which is handmade

Discover the rich world of handicrafts on Affinity Wholesale.

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