One of the best niches that are consistent top earners for anyone who is thinking of opening a shop, e-commerce website or market is the Handmade Crafts Niche. It is no secret that Affinity Wholesale love handmade items. We believe that when you sell handmade you are selling something that is Unique and Individual. Handmade items are incomparable to mass produced goods. They are not made in the same way and we shouldn’t view them the same way when we sell or buy them.

Ethical and Sustainable Handmade Crafts Niche

Handmade goods are not made in the same way that mass produced factory ones are. Small businesses don’t buy or source materials in bulk, they usually don’t force down production and labour costs, we understand that. This basically translates as no cheap labour, nor are there any unethical production practises involved, why stop there? I hear you say, why not continue your wonderful journey with Affinity Wholesale by letting us feature your handmade items in our portfolio of ethical and sustainably sourced goods to offer to a wider audience.

Affinity Wholesale as our tagline suggests, is a different kind of wholesaler specialising in selling wholesale eco friendly and sustainable products for the Handmade Crafts Niche market. We are a business that’s about people and the environment, fair trade is at the heart of everything we do. We absolutely adore supporting ‘real people’ and believe what you make is made to keep forever – not just for now.

Wholesaler helping you Finding The Perfect Handmade Crafts Niche-HANDMADE WITH LOVE
Handmade Crafts Niche selling online with Affinity Wholesale- Handmade with Love

When you sell a handmade item, you can guarantee that there will be no other quite like it. You as the maker might have made several that look the same, but as each will have been made individually and not as part of a factory line you can be sure it will not be the same as anything else available.

Pros of Selling in The Handmade Crafts Niche

Selling handmade items is a great way to satisfy your creative side while earning an income from your own business, and there’s no better time to start than right now. If you’re interested in selling handmade items then keep on reading.
Pros of Selling Handmade Items
• Your business will involve selling products you’re passionate about.
• You can work from home, on your own schedule.
• You can quickly change your product line when you want to.
• You can establish a loyal and repeat customer base.
• Affinity Wholesale showcase your items to a wide retail and eCommerce audience for maximum exposure.

The Perfect Online Selling Niche

Finding the perfect Handmade Crafts Niche can be challenging and daunting at times, but here at Affinity Wholesale, we take care of that for you. The main criteria that we ask for from you are your handmade items have to be of consistent and high enough quality.

It may become boring or tiresome for you to keep making the same item over and over again. Affinity Wholesale as a handmade crafts and artisan furniture and home décor business fully understands that aspect. This is why we recognise, encourage and endorse individuality in every single item you make including one-off craft pieces and one-off statement furniture and wood carvings.

How To Price Your Handmade Items For a Handmade Crafts Niche

Pricing for handmade items can be tricky. Pricing too low means you won’t make enough profit to stay in business. Pricing too high means customers won’t buy your products including Affinity Wholesale, and you will thus find it difficult to stay in business.
So, how do you find the perfect price for your handmade labour of love?

One of the first considerations to determine is how much you’ve spent on the materials to make the item. Then, you need to decide what your time is worth. This may be the hardest decision to make as you’re determining pricing, but while most importantly you do deserve to be paid for your time, you need to price accordingly to the market environment you are selling to, which in our case is the wholesale stage before a retailer buys from us who will then sell to the general public.

Once you have worked out the cost of materials and your hourly wage, you can use the following calculations to determine the price.

Supplies + Your Time = Item Cost

Item Cost x Mark-up (between 1.5 – 2.0 is a guideline) = Our Wholesale Price

With some research into sourcing materials and Affinity Wholesale as an outlet for selling handmade products, you can find the ideal platform that works best for your business logistically and financially.

Most handmade small producers who are very creative with actually making the items make the mistake of starting with a product (after friends & family tell them how great it is) and then going out and looking for people to buy it. That’s the wrong approach. Why? I hear you say. Well, look at it this way, it is far easier (in most instances) to find a gift when you know it’s for your mother, or brother, or best friend, rather than when you’re told to choose a gift for a complete stranger.

Think of your business and its products as a gift to your customers. To create the perfect gift, you must know exactly who or rather should I say the type of person you’re making it for.

Find Your Handmade Crafts Niche Angle

There are already thousands of jewellery, artisan furniture, art decor, craft, etc. Businesses out there, so you need to find a way to make your business, brand, and products stand out from the crowd. Head held high and be noticed for what creativity makes enshrined in every single piece you sell. You already know this, I’m sure for it is you and often only you that has spent your time, love, labour and plenty of thought in what you make.

Knowing who you’re targeting is important because your business can’t possibly stand out to everyone out there. Affinity Wholesale absolutely loves individual made items, whether you make one-off statement oak bog carvings or a small handful of miniature figurines complete with hand-stitched clothing.

You can alter aspects of your Handmade Crafts Niche business to be different from your competitors and to be a perfect fit for your target market by offering something they can’t find anywhere else. That becomes your unique selling position.

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