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Have you been looking for a no-nonsense furniture wholesaler in Europe that has an extraordinary dropshipping service? So, you have searched on the internet for furniture wholesalers, checked out the first few pages of the search engine pages and perhaps clicked on several search engine paid adverts. Now the only thing left to do is to choose your wholesale furniture supplier with a dropshipping service from the shortlist you have drawn up.

Choose Imaginative, Artistic and Inspiring Furniture

An internet search will find quite a few results when you simply type in “Furniture Wholesaler” or “Furniture Wholesaler With a Dropshipping Service”, great! Now to draw up a shortlist of the most promising to suit your requirements. It is never an easy task to compete with mainstream retailers as their buying power is usually massive compared to your budget.

Choose a Visionary Furniture Wholesaler With a Dropshipping Service

Choose the best furniture wholesaler that offers what you want, which presumably is with a good dropshipping service as well as furniture which outperforms in sales, after all, you do not want furniture that does not perform well in sales. You are doing this, not just to idle away your time or for an income, but for the best income, you can achieve as well as the best use of your time.

The answer to competing with a large furniture retailer is to find a niche within the furniture market, which means finding a profitable opportunity or simply put an opening where you can not only sell furniture but sell profitably. Furniture that is in demand and has an advantage over everyone else who sells furniture.

Artistic and Inspiring Wholesale Furniture

The combination of Affinity Wholesale’s artistically designed and inspiring high quality furniture makes them stand out from the crowd. From Artisan made hand carved solid wood twist stools and tables to handmade children’s stools individually engraved and hand painted, each with a different colourful children’s picture. All our furniture is made out of sustainably sourced hardwood and all to last a lifetime.

Dropship Furniture.sustainable eco friendly and handmade
Choose Imaginative, Artistic and Inspiring Furniture to Dropship

Having a dropshipping furniture business means you do not have to buy the actual furniture yourself before you have a confirmed sale of the furniture and accepted full payment in lieu of said goods. You also do not have to rent commercial premises to store your furniture or pay for commercial insurance of the premises.

You do not need to think about delivery to the actual person buying the furniture from you either as it is all taken care of by the furniture dropshipping supplier.

Sounds like an interesting business model to work with? Then read on, on how Affinity Wholesale can help you with your furniture dropshipping business.

Europe Based Furniture Wholesaler With a Dropshipping Service

At Affinity Wholesale, we are a furniture wholesaler based in Galway, Ireland that also has a dropshipping service along with extensive experience in the wood furniture business. Affinity Wholesale sells real wood furniture throughout Ireland and to many European countries as well as quite a few countries outside Europe, business-to-business and wholesale to dropshipping.

Furniture Wholesaler and dropship supplier
Affinity Wholesale Furniture Dropship Service from Ireland and Europe

Compare Wholesale Dropshipping Furniture Prices

When you choose your wholesale furniture dropshipper, not only is it a good idea in having an upper edge on what sells well, but also on what other businesses are selling, either the same or similar items for. This way you can easily work out your profit margin and work out how many items you need to sell to turn over that all important golden profit at the end of year totals.

The other point to bear in mind is how many people are selling the same or similar items of furniture in your own immediate geographical location. If no one else has what you have and they want it, it is a win-win both for you and your customer.

In the world of furniture selling and buying, one big reason why the majority of consumers decide to purchase online is either price or availability or for both reasons. At least 60% to 80% of people now buy furniture online, then people who go to a physical brick and mortar store. This is a radical shift in purchasing power from only five years ago when hardly anyone brought furniture online.

This dramatic shift in buying power to online purchases is increasing each and every year. Having either your own website selling furniture or using online marketplaces or classified ads to advertise your furniture like eBay, Amazon, Donedeal or Adverts, etc. is a definite advantage over any competition.

Furniture Wholesaler with dropship service
Wholesale Furniture Dropship Service-You do not need to invest in any stock!

At Affinity Wholesale, we are direct importers who are used to handling quite sizable volumes of furniture sales, which together with our experience and a close relationship we maintain with the craftspeople who make the furniture mean that we constantly achieve the best wholesale prices. This enables us to pass these savings on to the retail trade and dropshippers.

Affinity Wholesale is a Direct Importer of High Quality Furniture

As an ethical trading wholesaler business, we know that quality can most definitely go hand in hand with price, cheap is often associated with negative connotations as in not very good or not long lasting. Affinity Wholesale is a direct importer of high quality artisan furniture.

Affinity Wholesale has been called an “Extraordinary Furniture Wholesaler” offering some of the best prices in Europe for Ethical and sustainable sourced, eco friendly and fair trade furniture. With this in mind, we always aim to achieve the best positive outcome for all involved with furniture dropshipping.

Fast Shipping and No Branding on Dropship Deliveries and Packaging

Fast shipping is an important factor when choosing the best furniture wholesaler with dropshipping services. This helps you beat the competition and helps retain your reputation. Providing fast and easy shipping is one of Affinity Wholesale dropship supplier promises. Also, just with our dropship customers, we make sure your wholesale furniture does not have our branding on anything, either with our logo or name on any packaging and customer delivery slips, as you want the customer to see that it is brought from and delivered by you and not Affinity Wholesale as the source supplier.

Find a Furniture Wholesaler That Helps You

Starting a dropshipping business for the first time can seem like a daunting task, so make sure your furniture wholesaler is willing to help you if you have any questions to ask. Bonafide wholesale Furniture suppliers should not have any problem in easing the process, as the better, it goes for you, the better it will go for them.

Affinity Wholesale is always on hand to answer any questions you may have and are quick in resolving issues if they arise. We also have a series of helpful articles on dropshipping and a frequently asked questions page. At Affinity Wholesale we pride ourselves in providing a personal service to each and every one of our wholesale dropship customers.

When you are ready to set up your dropship business, it is always a good idea to use a few different Furniture Wholesalers, as different ones will have different items available and supply different countries or locations. Be aware of any Furniture Wholesaler who charges a monthly fee for the privilege of joining them. If for any reason you don’t make a sale of any of their products, you are still stuck with paying out an unnecessary monthly fee. Any good Furniture Wholesaler should not have any problem with not charging you for anything, apart from the actual item you make a sale on.

We hope this information will provide you with some useful insights to finding the best furniture wholesaler with dropshipping services. Time waits for no one, so why not embark on this wonderful business by doing as much research as possible today. Good luck with your dropship business!

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