With an eCommerce business based on dropshipping to sell in Ireland and Europe, you only pay your supplier for the products you actually sell, you don’t need to keep products in stock and you don’t need to ship orders.

The Definition of Dropshipping

With a dropshipping store, you are selling products in your online store that are shipped directly from Affinity Wholesale or other dropship suppliers.

The customer buys from you, but you pass on the order fulfilment to Affinity Wholesale, who will then take care of the shipping. So, you don’t need to send a parcel yourself and you don’t need to have shipping software. All in all, this popular eCommerce business has its advantages.

The popularity of Being a Dropshipper in Ireland and Europe

Over the past year, Affinity Wholesale has seen more and more popularity in dropship customers for dropshipping supplies, due to some part in people working from home and people spending more money on online purchases (one thing perhaps that the covid virus had had a good knock-on effect on).

Many new internet entrepreneurs start their eCommerce business in dropshipping. The public does not notice that an online business is selling products through dropshipping. You can find Affinity Wholesale products on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Amazon, eBay and independent websites, for example, being sold by online retailers who are active in the dropshipping business.

Market Share of Dropshipping Stores Is Increasing

Dropshipping is nothing new but offers many opportunities for eCommerce entrepreneurs. You can be living anywhere in the world to be able to dropship in Ireland and Europe. Ireland and Europe are seeing a fantastic growth interest in dropshipping.

While little research in European dropshipping has been done, research in the USA has shown that between 22 and 33 percent of all online retailers in the USA used it as their primary method of order fulfilment. You can imagine that share has only become higher in the last few years due to online shopping trends.

Dropshipping Companies in Ireland and Europe

If you are looking for dropshipping companies, it can be hard to choose which one to go for. Affinity Wholesale specialises in unique and unusual gifts, handmade wood furniture and Fair Trade natural beauty products and everything is stocked in and shipped from Ireland. So if you are looking for these types of products shipped from Ireland, why not open a free dropship account with us.

Dropshipping in Ireland and Europe
Dropshipping in Ireland and Europe

Affinity Wholesale believes healthy competition in the world of dropshipping suppliers is good for everyone, more choice is good and if a dropship supplier has a beneficial edge then that’s even better! Rather than have a negative attitude to other competitors, we believe in taking an approach that basically says ‘do it better’.

Take a look at where stock is held and delivered from to your customer base, pricing of the products, quality of products and delivery costs as well as how good is the dropship suppliers customer service. Go ahead and ask a few questions of your chosen dropship suppliers and check the response time and quality of answers to see if they meet your needs.

This is why we suggest taking a look at other dropship suppliers and perhaps choosing a few of the best ones to supply your products for you. This is how I learnt economics many years ago, that is, that choice is good and quality is even better.

We believe in taking an approach that basically says ‘do it better’

Niche Dropship For More Profit

Niche dropshipping tends to be more profitable than competing with the mass producers of say, cheap plastic bucket sellers, where you can pop into any town and purchase one. So, see what’s trending in the media, dig a little deeper on the internet and what’s in the news and the foreseeable future to give yourself a few hints.

The Benefits of Dropshipping in Ireland and Europe

There are many benefits to dropshipping. The most important one is that with this method, you don’t have to invest a lot in order to start an online store. Just time and the more creative the time the better!

With the ‘traditional’ way of conducting eCommerce, you buy products in bulk at wholesale prices, you store them somewhere and you ship them whenever someone orders them. This means you need money to buy the products, you need warehouse storage space to stock your products, you need proper stock control, and you need logistics companies to get the items shipped.

We do offer wholesale prices for people who buy upfront and you do save more money on the cost of each product compared to dropship prices, but a wholesale account needs more stringent approval checking to verify compared to dropshipping accounts. All in all Affinity Wholesale offer either wholesale or dropship account for gift, furniture and bath and body supplies at considerable savings to our customers to enable maximum profit margins when sold to the public.

Not the Most Original Dropship Products

A disadvantage of dropshipping is that, due to the popularity and the limited number of generic dropship providers, you probably won’t have the most original products out there. The products you can sell through such a dropship program are also the products that thousands of other online retailers sell.

Affinity Wholesale is different in that we sell original, unique and unusual dropship gifts, furniture and bath and body products, this helps in giving you an advantageous edge in the products that you sell.

How to dropship in Ireland and Europe
Dropship in Ireland and Europe from anywhere in the world

Quality is the best business plan

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about dropshipping.

  • What is dropshipping? Dropshipping is a business method in which online retailers sell products they don’t store themselves. It is the wholesale supplier that handles the storage, fulfilment and shipping. The public still buys from the online retailer (which is yourself).
  • How is dropshipping different from wholesale eCommerce? It is similar to wholesale, but there is an important difference. With wholesale, you buy the items you want to sell and you stock them yourself. With dropshipping, another company is taking care of the storage of products and the fulfilment (getting the items to your customers). You only pay for the items customers have ordered.
  • Where do I find dropshipping products? Of course, if you are reading this article, you can consider Affinity Wholesale as a dropship supplier if we appeal to you. For other dropship companies try doing a internet search with the relevant dropship search terms that you are interested in. All the best in your interest in dropshipping in Ireland and Europe.

Feel free to leave a comment or ask me any questions on dropshipping in Ireland and Europe.

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