A Dropship Business is a perfect and easy way to get started with e-commerce website selling. An online Dropship Business is great because it doesn’t cost a lot of money or time to get going. All you need is an idea and some direction to give you that initial momentum before you start to dropship.

It’s possible to start a dropshipping business with minimal funds because you don’t have to buy, store or manage any of the items you are selling. So are you ready to start generating money with a relatively small investment? Read on!

In this dropshipping article, I’ve created a simple how-to article guide to help you in learning the dropshipping process, explaining the different steps you would take, and guiding you as you figure out the best approach for your skillset.

Dropship Business Made Easy

When you set up a Dropship Business your customers purchases the items from you, then you purchase these items from a dropshipping supplier, who then fulfils the order for you. If your dropship supplier is super quick at delivering the items to the customer like Affinity Wholesale are it’s a win-win situation for you. The dropshipper supplier delivers all of your packages without any mention of their name on any packaging.

This process is all seamless and invisible to your customers. This not only saves money on your business costs, but also frees up time for you to concentrate exclusively on your customer acquisition.

Hey presto! You have now just sold and been paid for your dropshipped item. It‘s so easy it’s as if it has been done by magic.

How Dropshipping Works By Affinity Wholesale Ireland and Europe Supplier
How Dropshipping Works

The 6 Easy Steps to Setting Up a Dropship Business

1. Select Your Perfect Dropship Niche

The niche you pick ought to be highly focused and something you’re enthusiastic about. It would be more difficult to market a product range that is not as focused as anything you have little interest in. Since it takes some work to successfully scale up a dropshipping company as you become more successful. If you aren’t enthusiastic about the niche you choose, you’ll be more likely to get discouraged. Here are some things to think about when deciding on a niche:

  • Seek out profitable opportunities at every stage. Since you want to concentrate on the marketing and consumer acquisition when you run a drop shipping company, the amount of work needed to sell a €20 item is exactly the same as it would be to sell a €500 item.
  • The importance of reasonable shipping costs cannot be overlooked. Even if your supplier or manufacturer does shipping, if the cost is too high, it will switch off prospective buyers.
  • Make sure your products appeal to those impulse buyers too. When it applies to driving traffic to your website, you want the highest possible conversion rate achievable since the number of visitors may never return. The items you’re selling should elicit impulse purchases and cater to people who have the financial means to make a quick purchase.
  • Make your own brand image name for yourself. If you can build up a name for whatever you’re selling and fully incorporate it with the items you are selling, your dropshipping company would be much more valuable.  Look for a product or a line of products that you can market under your own identifiable business name that aptly reflects what you are selling.
  • Sell something that isn’t easily accessible in your area. Choose something that your customer won’t be able to find on the high street. As a result, you’ll be more desirable to a potential customer.

2. Do The Market Research

Bear in mind that you’ll be up against other dropshipping companies as well as retail powerhouses like eBay and Amazon, such is the world of every business. This is where many would-be dropshippers go astray, looking for a commodity with too little or no competition.
High shipping costs, supplier and distribution problems, or low-profit margins could be all reasons why a product does not have a lot of competition. Look for goods with at least some competition, as this implies a higher level of demand and a viable business model. At the same time do not at any cost go for selling products that everyone else, including next doors dog is selling, you will be climbing too steep a mountain to compete successfully.

Remember to find your “edge” on as many of the items you sell above and beyond your competition, either on pricing, deliverability, local availability, choice of products, your better way of marketing and so on to name just some of your advantages to avail of.

3. Find The Best Dropship Supplier for Your Dropship Business

Since partnering with the wrong dropship supplier can be disastrous for your company, you must take this next step carefully. Ensure you do your research. Since the majority of dropshipping suppliers are based overseas, coordination is crucial, both in terms of response time and mutual understanding. If they are based overseas make sure you or your customers have no import and added excess tax fees involved for getting the goods to your potential customers.  The last thing you want is your customers complaining that they did not get what they paid for because the customs either stopped it or slapped on a large excess fee. If you have any concerns about a prospective supplier’s ability to communicate, move on.

Find The Best Dropship Supplier
Find The Best Dropship Supplier

Try to learn from other entrepreneurs who have walked this path in the past and also read through Affinity Wholesale dropshipping articles on everything that you deem to be useful to a dropshipping business.

4. Either Build A Ecommerce Website Or Advertise On Established Classified Ads Websites

Even if you have a big budget and can afford to employ a web design and development company to build a custom solution, it’s a much better idea to start small scale and with a simple ready-made template with a popular CMS (content management solution) builder like WordPress (who are the world leaders, powering over 75% of all global websites including the biggest named companies). Once you are established and the revenue is coming in, then you can explore additional website customisations.

Affinity Wholesale has its own website design department team that also provides both bespoke and easy template website designs for our customers upon request. These are automatically fully loaded with dropshipping products and are optimized for e-commerce selling, ready to go out of the box.

The next option to consider is to use already established websites like eBay and Amazon or any classified websites where you can advertise your products. In Ireland, the two main leaders are Donedeal and Adverts, for other countries in Europe doing a quick search on the internet will reveal which are the popular ones to go for.

5. Find More Customers For Your Dropship Business

Having a great product and website is great, but without customers seeking to buy, you have no business. There are several ways to attract potential customers, but the most effective, option is to start a Facebook ad campaign.
This allows you to generate sales and revenue right from the start, which can contribute to quick scaling. Facebook allows you to place your offer directly in front of a highly targeted audience. This gives you the ability to compete with the largest brands and retailers immediately.

You also have to think long term, so search engine optimization and email marketing should also be a focus. Collect emails from the start and set up automated email sequences that offer discounts and special offers. This is an easy way to capitalize on your existing customer base and generate revenue without additional advertising and marketing expenses.

6. Analyse and Look For Ways To Improve Your Dropship Business

To develop your business, you must keep track of all available data and metrics (search engine and website traffic). This includes traffic from Google Analytics. If you use any social media channels, then these too should feature in your analytics. You can then scale what works and remove what doesn’t because you can monitor every single conversion and know where the customer came from and what direction they took on your website that ultimately led to a sale.

If you use any paid advertising for your dropship business, you should never deploy a marketing or advertisement solution that you just put in place and forget about. You have to continually test any potential new advertising methods and opportunities. Then fine-tune any of your existing advertising campaigns in order to decide if you need to change those advertising campaigns. Remember, nothing is more static in consumer spending nor in the technology of a B2B business, even more so in this day and age than it was years ago.

Get Started with Your Dropship Business Today!

Getting into the dropship business can at first seem like a daunting task. Succeeding as a dropshipper requires some devotion and ideally the ability to adapt quickly to ever-changing consumer trends. This way you will not only succeed but remain well above your competitors.

However, if you have the right tools and take a rather organized approach from the very beginning, you will be able to take off like a rocket without crashing to the ground. Refine the learning curve and start generating good income in a relatively short time.

Apply now for a free Affinity Wholesale Dropship Business account and get started earning your first dropshipper income in your part-time or retirement or go full steam ahead and turn it into a full-time job that you can do at home or while on holiday.

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