Wholesale Kids Stools have been one of our top best sellers for some time now. You may have seen these children’s wooden handmade and colourful stools sold in popular shops and websites, as well as marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Etsy as well as artisan craft markets up and down the country.

No surprise there, have you ever wondered where these places buy their Wholesale Kids Stools from? Affinity Wholesale is a direct importer for the European retail trade, in sustainable wood and eco friendly children’s furniture. We have been selling these quality handmade wood kids stools throughout Ireland, the UK and Europe not only to e-commerce websites, artisan craft markets and shops but also to wholesalers and dropshippers at amazing prices!

Hand carved and Hand Painted Wholesale Kids Stools

These beautiful, sturdy hand crafted and hand painted children’s stools are as special and unique as any child is. Much loved by both children and adults alike, our best selling children’s wholesale furniture range of stools is always in demand. Brought by the retail trade in singles, pallets and container load (by prior arrangement), no wonder we keep selling out fast.

What Is So Special About Our Wholesale Kids Stools?

Our Wholesale Kids Stools are hand Carved using hand tools, next the kids stools are artistically engraved with children’s designs, then painted by hand with a variety of lovely children’s characters and animals using nursery safe nontoxic paint. Last but not least, they have been hand rubbed with a coating of natural wax.

In Europe you will find two different types of Wholesale Kids Stools of similar design available for sale, one is a smaller version of the other made out of thinner wood tacked and glued together. The other is a much stronger and robust made design, larger and very solidly constructed from solid hardwood, expertly put together using the best of materials, heavy enough not to be knocked over easily by children and made to last.

We only import and sell the genuine original wooden kids stool, which is a stronger made and a far better designed version, needless to say! Never the inferior copycat version, only the original and best will do for our wholesale customers! Solid wooden construction, no plastic and no MDF or veneers in these kids stools. Why buy inferior when you can buy the original and best Wholesale Kids Stools!

Premium quality kids stools/chairs/steps are double-braced and made of solid wood, the stools can withstand the weight of an adult without any problems. Made of solid eco-friendly Monkey Pod wood, which is famed for its unique beautiful distinct grain and wood carvings.

The Best Wholesale Wood Children’s Stools Available

  • The original, genuine and authentic designed kids stool.
  • Sturdy, robust and strong, made to last years.
  • Solid hardwood construction.
  • Hand Made by the best artisan craftspeople in Thailand.
  • 100% Safe Paint and natural wax finish.
  • Variety of colourful designs available.
Kids Furniture Wholesale – Europes Number 1 Wholesale Kids Stools
Kids Furniture Wholesale – Europe’s Number 1 Wholesale Kids Stools
Childrens Stool Furniture Handmade Wholesale and dropship Supplier Europe side view of kids stool
Hand Made By the best artisan craftspeople- Wholesale Kids Stools
Wholesale kids stools solid made real hardwood sturdy wooden legs
Wholesale Kids Stools. Sturdy, robust and Strong- Made to last years

Sustainable Children’s Furniture That is Eco Friendly

Ethical business practices and trading are important to us here at Affinity Wholesale. All of our wholesale priced children’s furniture including the kids wooden stools are made from sustainably sourced wood. Each piece of children’s furniture is made from plantation monkey pod wood, a durable hard-wearing hardwood that is responsibly grown and harvested on managed plantations in Thailand. See our informative article on “What is Monkey Pod Wood? Discover Our Best-Selling Wood Furniture

Fair Trade is also where our ethics are and these Wholesale Kids Stools are no exception. The local craftspeople that make these children’s stools are paid a fair wage with a well developed relationship between us.

Ethically Sourced Wholesale Kids Stools

  • Fair trade. Honest and transparent trading practices, respecting the artisan craftspeople.
  • Eco Friendly. Minimum environmental impact on nature where the wood is grown. Lowest available carbon footprint in transportation used.
  • Fair Wage made by skilled artisans. We support and help to create a fair waged employment for the artisan workers.
  • Sustainably sourced wood (hardwood). From responsibly managed plantations.

Kids Furniture Wholesale – Europe’s Number 1 Wholesale Kids Stools

Affinity Wholesale is based in Ireland and supplies and distributes wholesale kids furniture throughout Ireland and Europe as well as supplying customers in The UK and other countries. We have a wide variety of wholesale children’s wood stool options available. The best European wholesale trade only discounts as well as great dropshipping prices for all our customers.

Ideal for anyone selling children’s wood furniture with the added benefit of being ethically produced from sustainable wood sources. An Eco friendly Wholesale Kids Stools product that is completely plastic free.

Our customers of our wholesale children’s wood furniture can usually be found on brick and mortar shops, department stores, e-commerce websites, Art, craft and furniture markets as well as market platforms like eBay, Amazon and Etsy throughout Europe. We sometimes sell out on some individual children’s stool designs if they are exceptionally popular, but we do have new stock arriving into our Ireland warehouse on a regular basis.

  • Wholesale Kids Stools at the best prices. No minimum order value.
  • Dropshipping supplier prices for Kids Stools at the best competitive prices.
  • Order Direct from European number 1 importer.
  • No import duty for European Union Wholesale customers.
  • Ethically produced from sustainable wood sources, fair trade and eco friendly kids stools.
  • Original and genuine hand crafted children’s stools and not generic, factory-manufactured furniture or inferior copy version.
  • Charm and individuality of ‘real’ wood Wholesale Kids Stools furniture- Fantastic retail hot sellers, proven time after time.
Wholesale Childrens Stools Handmade various designs
Best Selling Adorable Wholesale Kids Stools-Various Designs

Caring for your Children’s Stools and Furniture

Affinity Wholesale recommends these tips to help to keep your wood children’s wooden stools in tip-top condition. We recommend treating your hardwood with a high quality beeswax or natural furniture oil once or twice a year. However, this can be done more frequently if necessary. Be sure to remove any excess wax or oil and polish to a nice shine with a lint-free cloth.

If you do polish up with wood furniture polish, care should be taken to avoid any silicone based aerosol polishes as these could damage the finish. We would never recommend using silicone or petrochemical-based polish for any real wood furniture.

Avoid wood furniture being placed in prolonged direct sunlight (rotate or swap wooden furniture around every so often). Avoid above-average temperatures or being subject to extreme changes in temperature. Do not place any wood furniture directly next to very hot temperature sources, like a heater.

Unique Charming Handmade Kids Wood Stools

Every natural product is, by nature all slightly different. These kids wooden stools are handcrafted from solid Monkey Pod wood and variances in grain appearance and natural colours will vary slightly. It’s what makes it something special and unique.

If you have a question about our kids stools please get in touch with our customer services team who will be only too happy to help you out with any questions about kids stools. If you are an officially registered nursery, preschool, school or playgroup, these kids small wooden stools are ideal for groups of kids for sitting and play areas. We would love to help with discounted prices on bulk purchases.

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