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Affinity Wholesale is located in County Galway, Ireland, we specialise in providing unique and unusual handcrafted and handmade furniture, crafts, art décor and gifts to a wide variety of trade customers including shops, e-commerce websites, interior designers, hotels and other retail and commercial outlets.

We are a wholesale and dropshipper supplier business with a considerable amount of time trading so we know that unique and quality products, as well as excellent customer service, really do matter. For this, we always endeavour to keep good stocks of our furniture and Giftware. We also ensure we have a flexible supply and delivery system for you thus helping to keep you well-stocked.

Sustainably Sourced Furniture, Crafts, Art Décor and Gifts

Making Unique Furniture Sustainably Sourced

We’re seeing rapid growth in the sustainable furniture business here at Affinity Wholesale. Why? Because more people know that making responsible choices about the products they put in their homes matters for the environment. We understand that sustainability is an important aspect of finding the right trade supplier that specialises in artisan crafted furniture, crafts, art décor and gifts.

All the wood and other materials used in our products are sourced from approved sources and made into furniture and Giftware using traditional techniques. This helps to ensure skills that are often passed down from one generation to another within the same family are kept alive and local people not only keep their jobs but also have an opportunity of a more fulfilling and better life. Fairtrade is at the heart of everything we do at Affinity Wholesale.

Our Artisans create sustainable furniture using materials that have a minimal negative impact on the environment.

  • Woods or other materials that come from renewable sources.
  • Minimal chemicals that can pollute the environment.
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Sustainable wood furniture from AFFINITY WHOLESALE Ireland

Natural Wood Characteristics

Types of Wood We Use

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Like anything natural, Affinity Wholesale wood has a distinctive character and this will only get better with age. Every piece has gone through a lengthy process in its artisan-crafted construction and is purposefully aged to give it even more character while allowing the natural wood grain to show.

We don’t try to hide irregularity in our furniture; in fact, we think this gives each piece its distinctive, individual and genuinely one of a kind character.

All our wood products are handmade. Our artisans use different types of wood to carve from depending on the type of product and the look or finish that they want to show. 

We Responsibly Source All Our Artisan Products


Sustainable Materials We Use


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