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"When You Reach The End Of What You Should Know, You Will Be At The Beginning Of What You Should Sense"

About Affinity Wholesale

We’re a team of highly-creative, highly-determined and highly-successful people working together to expand our expertise in the areas of bringing high quality, handmade, sustainably sourced, fair trade produced Wholesale Gifts and Furniture to the European B2B markets. As direct importers we distribute a range of real solid wood furniture, Lifestyle, Decor, Giftware, wood carvings, and Wellness products.

Some of our team members have been fully conversant and involved with the ethics of fair trade and sustainably sourced goods for more than 30 years.

“With the possible exception of the equator, everything begins somewhere”

While we understand many people just starting off on this wonderful journey in ethical retailing may not have been involved for as long as our most experienced team members. We always wholeheartedly encourage and support our customers as much as we can, in the belief that each step everyone makes in this direction is a step forward in the right direction for all of us as well as the planet we live on.

Wholesale & Dropship

Affinity Wholesale are B2B wholesalers and dropshippers. We specialise in providing handcrafted and handmade furniture, wood carvings and accessories to a wide variety of trade only customers including shops, interior designers and e-commerce websites.

Sales & Support

The next step in our journey is sharing our diverse product line with you. If you would like one of our dedicated team members to work with you to help your business objectives and recommend items best suited to reach your goals, depending on where you would like to market and sell just let us know. Working with Affinity Wholesale will always offer you the most comprehensive support.

You can also access various features through your account, including, review your account and shipping history, bulk import your orders with a CSV file, download your invoices, Request a quote, see the latest special offers and Product bundles, use our Built-in messaging system through your account dashboard and of course easily shop online when your account is approved and activated.

Our Journey

The success of every Affinity Wholesale item starts long before its arrival in your shop, website, social media post or marketplace. Its journey begins with a concept borne out of thorough market research, comprehensive ethical analysis and the creativity of our purchasing team members.

Concept to development takes us to the four corners of the earth to source the best natural materials, the highest degree of sustainability criteria and fair paid worker wages along with beneficial workers health and safety conditions. We also never use air freight which has a higher carbon footprint to get these products to you.

Affinity Wholesale does not sell trendsetting ideas that fade away in a short time, we sell long-lasting and durable proof of concept real-world products that use sustainably sourced natural materials, handcrafted by real craftspeople, who often pass down their skills from one generation to the next.

Affinity Wholesale also passes on a fair local wage to each and every worker in appreciation for their skilled work that is emboldened in each and every hand made item that you buy through us. We welcome every one of your comments and feedback so it can be passed on to the real people working hard for you behind the scenes showing you their expertise.

Interested In Becoming An Affinity Retailer?

Apply for your Affinity Wholesale account today or request to meet with one of our team to learn how Affinity Wholesale can help you achieve your goals!


Sell on your own established website or you can enquire about our in-house website design team for your own new website using easy mass product import tools.


Do you have a retail shop? would you like to improve your range with unique handcrafted items that are fair trade and sustainably sourced?

Social Media

Sell on social media like Facebook and Pinterest or on online forums and other outlets. (strictly upon our B2B approval terms)

Other Retail

The choices to connect with the public are as limited as your imagination, from indoor markets to special events.

Affinity For A Better World

Affinity Wholesale is synonymous with quality, unique designs and best-in-class sales and service across Europe. You can rely on Affinity Wholesale to deliver the Right Product at the Right Time and at the Right Price to maximize your opportunities for your sales success.

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