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Often when searching on the internet for a suitable European Wholesale Supplier you come across wholesale suppliers, advertising in Europe, but sending their products from China and other countries in Asia. Sometimes these wholesale suppliers will have a .eu, .ie or .de etc domain name, which does not mean they are based in Europe.

Affinity Wholesale is based in Ireland and all our wholesale priced furniture, decor and gift stock is held either in Ireland or Europe for fast trouble-free distribution.

European Wholesale Supplier Based in Ireland

Being a European Wholesale Supplier all the wholesale product stock on our website are warehoused in Ireland and Europe, so you need not worry about long delivery delays coming from Asia.

Affinity Wholesale always aims for a fast delivery time throughout Ireland and Europe, for shipments outside Europe, we always seek to find the most cost-effective shipping rates and delivery times.

European Wholesale Supplier of gifts, decor, furniture based in Ireland
Ethical, Fair Trade and Eco Friendy Sustainable Gifts, Decor and Furniture From a European Wholesale Supplier

Why Buy From Affinity Wholesale?

Having a European Wholesale Supplier like Affinity Wholesale will help you to keep happy customers and a more sustainable business in the long term, not only due to the quality and uniqueness of Affinity Wholesale fair trade and sustainable eco friendly products but also the variety of wholesale products and the short delivery times.

This also means you will increase your repeat customers buying from you, it is a win-win situation, both for you and your customer. Not only this, but also, the customer product return rates are vastly decreased since your customers buy products they know that are high quality and that will not disappoint them in regards to value for money.

No Import Duty or Taxes for Ireland and EU Trade Buyers

As a European Wholesale Supplier, supplying wholesale products throughout the European Union you do not pay the import duty on any of our products if your registered business is based in any EU member country. What business has the time to waste on filling out endless and annoying customs paperwork and then pay the extra taxation duty associated with it?

No VAT Charged for EU Registered Businesses

Already have a EU recognised VAT number? Great! We do not add VAT to anything we sell for EU VAT registered businesses. When you apply to join Affinity Wholesale free membership either for wholesale or Dropship our system automatically recognises your EU VAT number and if authenticated will deduct any VAT from your orders. Read about our product tax and VAT pricing policy on our Taxes FAQ page.

When you buy from us, you have less paperwork to fill in and less to pay which means you have a better profit margin in your business as well as more time to dedicate to your business. Our Irish and European Union Affinity Wholesale customers are already enjoying these benefits.

Best Wholesale Prices From A European Wholesale Supplier

Affinity Wholesale offers the best competitive wholesale prices in Ireland and Europe for single unit items for all our wholesale customers. Special dropship supplier pricing is also applied to our dropshipping accounts, so you will save a lot of money and you will be able to offer highly competitive prices in your shop, e-commerce website or marketplace outlet. We also sell by pack size and by pallet as well as container loads (by prior arrangement).

European Wholesale Gifts Furniture Homeware Beauty Products
Wholesale Gifts, Furniture, Art Decor and Beauty Products Distribution From Ireland’s European Wholesale Supplier

Wholesale Order Tracking

When buying from Affinity Wholesale, you are able to track the orders on your control panel once logged into your account on our website. Your control panel will give you the status of your order at each stage of the process, we also quickly respond to messages, either through your control panel messaging function or by email or telephone should there be an enquiry about your order.

You Deserve the Best in Customer Service!

Thanks to Affinity Wholesale’s experienced team, we are available to help you with any queries and to help you with personalised advice on what the best selling products are and on which products may suit your particular business model.

We are an experienced European Wholesale Supplier specialising in fair trade, sustainably sourced and eco friendly products having our own business model based on this, Affinity Wholesale are positioned to help all our customers to sell more of these products each day.

Wholesale gifts real wood furniture and homeware Ireland and Europe Delivery
Wholesale Gifts, Real Wood Furniture and Art Decor- Based in Ireland for European Wholesale Supplier Customer Services

Delivery Costs

If you have high delivery costs from a wholesaler then this becomes a problem for you, as you end up passing this cost onto your end customer. Because of the high volume of regular deliveries, we have at Affinity Wholesale, we negotiate the best rates for you. You can find the delivery costs for your particular country on your final order page, depending on the volume, weight and size of your order.

You can think about your own pricing strategy markup based on our delivery costs to you and the actual cost of the goods ordered and thus what your profit margin is going to be on your RRP.

Read more on our shipping and delivery policy on our Delivery and Shipment page.

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  1. Claude Dubois says:

    Hello, I have a business in France and have a small established shop selling handmade items, business is starting to pick up now after a slow start to the year.

    I’m interested in stocking some of the items that you have on your wholesale website, I already have a VAT number for my shop business, also I would like to know if you charge any initial fee to join your wholesale website? And if you provide samples? Also how much is delivery to France?
    Thank you for your time Claude

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